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Thomas Grandner
  • Labor Economics and Industrial Organisation
  • Imperfect Markets and Employment
  • Trade Unions
  • Collective Bargaining
Hansjörg Klausinger
  • History of (Recent) Economic Thought
  • Austrian Economics
Maria Marchenko
  • Microeconometrics
  • Social networks
  • Education
  • Cultural economics
Herbert Walther
  • Labor Economics (Theory and Policy) Unemployment, Employment Policies, Discrimination and Anti-Discrimination Policies, Economics of Organization and Management, Working Time and Regulations of Working Time, Redundancy Payments, Human Capital;
  • Public Finance Taxation and Employment, Tax Evasion, Fiscal Theory and Policy;
  •  Decision Theory Non-Expected Utility, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Gambling and Insurance;
Andrea Weber
  • Labor economics,
  • Social insurance systems,
  • Gender differences in the labor market,
  • Applied microeconometrics