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Travelling to and in Vienna

Vienna's transportation system

The cheapest (and greenest) way is to use public transport. Below you will find a link with information concerning different ticket types, validity and purchasing. If you plan on using public transport more than once, we would recommend a 24-, 48- or 72-hours ticket.

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Map of underground lines  ⇒  Map

Reaching the city center from the airport

There are several easy and fast ways to reach the city center from the airport:

How to reach the University of Vienna, building Kolingasse 14-16, by public transportation

The Kolingasse 14-16 is located next to the U2 subway station Schottentor. Please take the exit Lichtensteinstraße.

Bus line 40A (stop Liechtensteinstraße) and tram line D, 1, 71 (stop Schottentor) also stop close to Kolingasse 14-16.

How to reach the WU Campus by public transportation

WU Campus is located between the two U2 subway stations Messe-Prater and Krieau. The Library & Learning Center (LC) is roughly the same distance from each of the two subway stations (5–10 minutes).

  • To access WU Campus from the west (WU Executive Academy, Administration, Department Buildings 3, 4, and 5, Library & Learning Center), please use the U2 subway station Messe-Prater, exit Messe.

  • To access WU Campus from the east (Teaching Center, Student Center, Department Buildings 1 and 2, Library & Learning Center), please use the U2 subway station Krieau, exit Krieau.

Bus line 82A (stop Krieau) and tram line 1 (stop Prater Hauptallee) also stop close to WU Campus. 

Important: the congress will take place in building D5.

WU Campus plan

You can find the WU Campus plan here.