11. Juni 2018

WUWAETRIX^6: 6th WU-Workshop in Applied Econometrics | June 20, 2018 | WU Vienna (Room D5.1.002, in the D5 building) | Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (WU) and Gernot Doppelhofer (NHH-Bergen and WU)

The sixth WU-Workshop in Applied Econometrics (WUWAETRIX^6) will take place on June 20 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Room D5.1.002, in the D5 building). WUWAETRIX is an informal seminar on applied econometric methods jointly organized by Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (WU) and Gernot Doppelhofer (NHH-Bergen and WU). The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for discussion of ongoing research on applied econometrics, in particular by young scholars.

Below is the program of the workshop.

You are all invited to attend, no registration is needed.


9:00-9:30Kilian Rieder (WU)Should Monetary Policy Lean Against The Wind? Quasi-Experimental Evidence From FED Policies In 1920
9:30-10:00Maximilian Böck (WU)On The Empirics Of Political Stability And Economic Growth
10:00-10:30Stefan Schiman (WIFO)Labor Supply Shocks And The Recent Shift Of The Beveridge Curve In Austria
10:30-11:00Gregor Zens (WU)Robust Determinants Of Class Membership: Bayesian Variable Selection In Mixture Of Experts Models
11:30-12:00Michael Pfaffermayr (University of Innsbruck)Trade Creation And Trade Diversion Of Regional Trade Agreements Revisited: A Constrained Panel Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood Approach
12:00-12:30Michael Pfarrhofer (WU)Targeted Random Projections For Large-Scale VAR Models
12:30-13:30Lunch Break 
13:30-14:00Phillip Poyntner (WU)The Effects Of The ECB's Corporate Quantitative Easing On European Firms
14:00-14:30Simon Pröll (BOKU)Markup And Advertising In The German Brewing Sector
14:30-15:00Niko Hauzenberger (WU)Model Instability In Predictive Exchange Rate Regressions
15:00-15:30Paul Pelzl (OeNB)How Did The 2008-9 Financial Crisis Affect Bank Credit Supply And The Real Economy? Bank-Firm-Level Evidence From Austria
15:30-16:00Atanas Pekanov (WIFO)Fiscal Multipliers In The East And The West
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