WU Economics Working Papers

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Euros­cep­ti­cism and EU Cohe­sion Policy: The Impact of Micro-­Level Policy Effec­tiveness on Voting Beha­vior
Bach­trögler, Julia; Ober­hofer, Harald # 273.

Climate, Conflict and Forced Migra­tion
Abel, Guy; Brot­t­rager, Michael; Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Muttarak, Raya # 272.

The growing American health penalty: Inter­na­tional trends in the employ­ment of older workers with poor health
Baum­berg Geiger, Ben; Böheim, René; Leoni, Thomas # 271.

Choking under pres­sure - Evidence of the causal effect of audi­ence size on perfor­mance
Böheim, René; Grübl, Dominik; Lackner, Mario # 270.

The Impact of Ex Ante Regu­la­tions and Ex Post Inter­ven­tions on Bank Lending and Solvency
Bach­mann, Manuel # 269.

We just esti­mated twenty million fiscal multi­pliers
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Capek, Jan # 268.

The impact of Brexit on trade patterns and industry loca­tion: a NEG analysis
Commen­da­tore, Pasquale; Kubin, Ingrid; Sushko, Iryna # 267.

On the signi­fi­cance of borders
Kubin, Ingrid; Gardini, Laura # 266.

Cogni­tive Ability and In-group Bias: An Expe­ri­mental Study
Paetzel, Fabian; Saus­gruber Rupert # 265.

Euro­pean Inte­gra­tion and the Future Insti­tu­tions of Europe
Badinger, Harald # 264.

‘Piketty is a Genius, but…’: An Analysis of Jour­na­listic Dele­gi­ti­ma­tion of Thomas Piketty’s Economic Policy Propo­sals
Rieder, Maria; Hendrik, Theine # 263.

Dealing with hete­ro­gen­eity in panel VARs using sparse finite mixtures
Huber, Florian # 262.

Impli­ca­tions of Macro­eco­nomic Vola­ti­lity in the Euro Area
Hauzen­berger, Niko; Böck, Maxi­mi­lian; Pfarr­hofer, Michael; Stelzer, Anna; Zens, Gregor # 261.

Sophis­ti­cated and small versus simple and size­able: When does it pay off to intro­duce drif­ting coef­fi­ci­ents in Baye­sian VARs?
Feld­kir­cher, Martin; Huber, Florian; Kastner, Gregor # 260.

Esti­ma­ting the Trade and Welfare Effects of Brexit: A Panel Data Struc­tural Gravity Model
Ober­hofer, Harald; Pfaf­fer­mayr, Michael # 259.

The Effects of German Wind and Solar Electri­city on French Spot Price Vola­ti­lity: An Empi­rical Inves­ti­ga­tion
Haxhi­musa, Adhurim # 258.

The propa­ga­tion of busi­ness senti­ment within the Euro­pean Union
Kukuvec, Anja; Ober­hofer, Harald # 257.

Trade Balance Dyna­mics and Exch­ange Rates: In Search of the J-Curve Using a Struc­tural Gravity Approach
Badinger, Harald; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien# 256.

Market Illi­qui­dity, Credit Freezes and Endo­ge­nous Funding Cons­traints
Bach­mann, Manuel # 255.


Marriage (In)equa­lity: Does the Sexual Orien­ta­tion Wage Gap Persist Across Marital Status?
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Nina, Schu­bert # 254.

Effec­tiveness of macro­pru­den­tial poli­cies under borrower hete­ro­gen­eity
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Rabitsch, Katrin # 253.

Europa zwischen Globa­li­sie­rung und Rena­tio­na­li­sie­rung
Aiginger, Karl # 252.

Human Capital in a Credit Cycle Model
Kubin, Ingrid; Zörner, Thomas # 251.

Thres­hold coin­te­gra­tion and adap­tive shrin­kage
Huber, Florian; Zörner, Thomas # 250.

Rene­wable Energy Sources and Invest­ment in Euro­pean Power Trans­mis­sion Networks
Kaloud, Tobias # 249.

Sprea­ding the word or redu­cing the term spread? Asses­sing spill­overs from euro area mone­tary policy
Feld­kir­cher, Martin; Gruber, Thomas ; Huber, Florian # 248.

Do indi­vi­dual sala­ries depend on the perfor­mance of the peers? Proto­type heuristic and wage bargai­ning in the NBA
Ober­hofer, Harald; Schwinner, Marian # 247.

Spot­light on the bene­fi­cia­ries of EU regional funds: A new firm-­level dataset
Bach­trögler, Julia; Hammer, Chris­toph; Reuter, Wolf Hein­rich; Schwen­dinger, Florian # 246.

The macro­eco­nomic effects of inter­na­tional uncer­tainty shocks
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Huber, Florian; Onorante, Luca # 245

Struc­tural breaks in Taylor rule based exch­ange rate models - Evidence from thres­hold time varying para­meter models
Huber, Florian # 244.

The shor­tage of safe assets in the US invest­ment port­folio: Some inter­na­tional evidence
Huber, Florian;  Punzi, Maria Teresa # 243.

The true art of the tax deal: Evidence on aid flows and bila­teral double tax agree­ments
Braun, Julia; Zagler, Martin # 242.

Borrower hete­ro­gen­eity within a risky mort­ga­ge-­len­ding market
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Rabitsch, Katrin # 241.

Bila­teral Trade Agree­ments and Trade Distor­tions in Agri­cul­tural Markets
Hirsch, Corne­lius; Ober­hofer, Harald # 240.

The role of US based FDI flows for global output dyna­mics
Huber, Florian; Fischer Manfred M.; Piri­bauer, Philipp # 239.


What Drives Destruc­tion? On the Malle­a­bi­lity of Anti-­So­cial Beha­vior
Müller, Julia; Schwieren, Chris­tiane; Spitzer, Florian # 238.

Cros­s-Border Tech­no­logy Diffe­rences and Trade Barriers: Evidence from German and French Electri­city Markets
Gugler, Klaus; Haxhi­musa, Adhurim # 237.

Produc­tivity Growth and the General X-factor in Austria’s Gas Distri­bu­tion
Gugler, Klaus; Lieben­steiner, Mario # 236.

Should I stay or should I go? Baye­sian infe­rence in the thres­hold time varying para­meter (TTVP) model
Huber, Florian; Kastner, Georg; Feld­kir­cher, Martin # 235.

Invest­ment under Uncer­tainty in Electri­city Gene­ra­tion
Gugler, Klaus; Haxhi­musa, Adhurim; Lieben­steiner, Mario; Schindler, Nora# 234.

The Returns to Preschool Atten­dance
Fessler, Pirmin; Schnee­baum, Alyssa # 233.

The Gender Wealth Gap Across Euro­pean Coun­tries
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Rehm, Miriam; Mader, Katha­rina; Hollan, Kata­rina # 232.

Buffer stock savings in a New-Keyne­sian busi­ness cycle model
Rabitsch, Katrin; Schoder, Chris­tian # 231.

On the effec­tiveness of EU struc­tural funds during the Great Reces­sion: Esti­mates from a hete­ro­ge­neous local average treat­ment effects frame­work
Bach­trögler, Julia # 230.

Macro­eco­nomic Imba­lances and Busi­ness Cycle Synchro­niza­tion. Why Common Economic Gover­nance is Impe­ra­tive for the Euro­zone
Lukma­nova, Eliza­veta; Tondl, Gabriele # 229.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: An Approach to Educa­tion Returns Based on Shapley Values
Barakat, Bilal; Crespo Cuaresma Jesus# 228.

Inte­rest rates, corpo­rate lending and growth in the Euro Area
Tondl, Gabriele# 227.

Inte­gra­tion and Effi­ci­ency of Euro­pean Electri­city Markets: Evidence from Spot Prices
Gugler, Klaus; Haxhi­musa, Adhurim; Lieben­steiner, Mario # 226.

Non-­Se­quen­tial Search, Compe­ti­tion and Price Disper­sion in Retail Electri­city
Gugler, Klaus; Heim, Sven; Lieben­steiner, Mario # 225.

Nonlinea­ri­ties and Para­meter Insta­bi­lity in the Finan­ce-Growth Nexus
Prettner, Cathe­rine# 224.

A Repre­sen­ta­tive Matched Cros­s-­sec­tion Survey for Austria - Measu­ring Worker Flow Dyna­mics with the Austrian Labour Force Survey
Schois­wohl, Florian; Wüger, Michael# 223.

Uncon­ven­tional US Mone­tary Policy: New Tools, Same Chan­nels?
Feld­kir­cher, Martin; Huber, Florian # 222.

Adap­tive shrin­kage in Baye­sian vector auto­re­gres­sive models
Feld­kir­cher, Martin; Huber, Florian# 221.

Trade Costs and Income in Euro­pean Regions
Hammer, Chris­toph; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien # 220.

Asym­metric infor­ma­tion in the regu­la­tion of the access to markets
Ghis­landi, Simone; Kuhn, Michael# 219.

Market Struc­ture and Compe­ti­tion in Tran­si­tion: Results from a Spatial Analysis
Lábaj, Martin; Morvay, Karol; Silanic, Peter; Weiss, Chris­toph; Yont­cheva, Biliana# 218.

Esti­ma­ting Indus­try­-­level Armington Elas­ti­ci­ties For EMU Coun­tries
Aspalter; Lisa # 217.

Inter­na­tional Housing Markets, Uncon­ven­tional Mone­tary Policy and the Zero Lower Bound
Huber, Florian; Punzi, Maria Teresa# 216.

Economic Deve­lop­ment and Forest Cover: Evidence from Satel­lite Data
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Danylo, Olha; Fritz, Steffen; McCallum, Ian; Ober­steiner, Michael; See, Linda# 215.

Trend Funda­men­tals and Exch­ange Rate Dyna­mics
Huber, Florian; Kauf­mann, Daniel # 214.

There is poverty conver­gence
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Klasen, Stephan; Wacker, Konstantin M.# 213.

Learning to trust, learning to be trust­worthy
Berger, Ulrich # 212.

Cogni­tive Hier­ar­chies in the Mini­mizer Game
Berger, Ulrich; De Silva, Hanne­lore; Fell­ner-­Röh­ling, Gerlinde# 211.

Does income inequa­lity affect aggre­gate consump­tion? Revi­siting the evidence
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus and Kubala, Jozef and Petri­kova, Kris­tina # 210.


US Mone­tary Policy in a Globa­lized World
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Doppel­hofer, Gernot; Feld­kir­cher, Martin; Huber, Florian# 209.

Revi­siting the Lucas Model
Skritek, Bern­hard; Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Kryaz­himskii, Arkadii V.; Prettner, Klaus; Prska­wetz, Alexia; Roven­s­kaya, Elena # 208.

R&D networks and regional know­ledge produc­tion in Europe. Evidence from a space-­time model
Wanzen­böck, Iris; Piri­bauer, Philipp # 207.

Network Centra­lity and Market Prices: An Empi­rical Note
Firgo, Matthias; Penner­storfer, Dieter; Weiss, Chris­toph R.# 206.

Who Creates Jobs? Econo­metric Mode­ling and Evidence for Austrian Firm Level Data
Huber, Peter; Ober­hofer, Harald; Pfaf­fer­mayr, Michael # 205.

The Case for Fiscal Rules
Badinger, Harald; Reuter, Wolf Hein­rich# 204.

Inter­me­diary Search for Supp­liers in Procu­re­ment Auctions
Honda, Jun # 203.

Die Volks­wirt­schafts­lehre an der Hoch­schule für Welt­handel, 1918-1973
Klau­singer, Hans­jörg # 202.

A Markov swit­ching factor-aug­mented VAR model for analy­zing US busi­ness cycles and mone­tary policy
Huber, Florian; Fischer, Manfred M. # 201.

Economic Impact of Invest­ment Agree­ments
Bellak, Chris­tian # 200.

Baye­sian Variable Selec­tion in Spatial Auto­re­gres­sive Models
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Piri­bauer, Philipp # 199.

Growing Toge­ther? Projec­ting Income Growth in Europe at the Regional Level
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Doppel­hofer, Gernot; Huber, Florian; Piri­bauer, Philipp # 198.

Games with the Total Band­wagon Property
Honda, Jun # 197.

Fiscal Rules and Twin Defi­cits: The Link between Fiscal and External Balances
Badinger, Harald; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien; Reuter, Wolf Hein­rich # 196.

The Natio­nal­ö­ko­n­o­mi­sche Gesell­schaft (Austrian Economic Asso­cia­tion, NOeG) in the Interwar Period and Beyond
Klau­singer, Hans­jörg # 195.

Testing the Global Banking Glut Hypo­thesis
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Kauko, Karlo # 194.

A Compre­hen­sive Approach to Poste­rior Joint­ness Analysis in Baye­sian Model Aver­aging Appli­ca­tions
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Grün, Bettina; Hofmar­cher, Paul; Humer, Stefan; Moser, Mathias# 193.


Informal envi­ron­mental regu­la­tion of indus­trial air pollu­tion: Does neigh­borhood inequa­lity matter?
Moser, Mathias; Zwickl, Klara # 192.

The Geography of Average Income and Inequa­lity: Spatial Evidence from Austria
Moser, Mathias; Schnetzer, Matthias # 191.

Vertical Disin­te­gra­tion in the Euro­pean Electri­city Sector: Empi­rical Evidence on Lost Syner­gies
Gugler, Klaus; Lieben­steiner, Mario; Schmitt, Stephan # 190.

Investor borro­wing hete­ro­gen­eity in a Kiyo­ta­ki-­Moore style macro model
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Rabitsch Katrin # 189.

Detec­ting Collu­sion in Spati­ally Diffe­ren­tiated Markets
Firgo, Matthias; Kügler, Agnes # 188.

Sover­eign Debt and Economic Growth Revi­sited: The Role of (Non-)Sustainable Debt Thres­holds
Anton­akakis, Niko­laos # 187.

The Gender Wealth Gap in Europe
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Rehm, Miriam; Mader, Katha­rina; Klopf, Patricia; Hollan, Kata­rina # 186.

How to reveal people's prefe­rences: Compa­ring time consis­tency and predic­tive power of multiple price list risk elici­ta­tion methods
Cser­mely, Tamás; Rabas, Alex­ander # 185.

Fore­cas­ting Global Equity Indices Using Large Baye­sian VARs
Huber, Florian; Krisztin, Tamás; Piri­bauer, Philipp # 184.

Aggre­gra­vity: Esti­ma­ting Gravity Models from Aggre­gate Data
Badinger, Harald; Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus # 183.

Does Fiscal Conso­li­da­tion Really Get You Down? Evidence from Suicide Morta­lity
Anton­akakis, Niko­laos; Collins, Alan # 182.

Summa­ri­zing Data using Parti­ally Ordered Set Theory: An Appli­ca­tion to Fiscal Frame­works in 97 Coun­tries
Bach­trögler, Julia; Badinger, Harald; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien; Reuter, Wolf Hein­rich # 181.

House Prices, Capital Inflows and Macro­pru­den­tial Policy
Mendi­cino, Cate­rina; Punzi, Maria Teresa # 180.

Density Fore­cas­ting using Baye­sian Global Vector Auto­re­gres­sions with Common Stochastic Vola­ti­lity
Huber, Florian # 179.

Does Elderly Employ­ment have an Impact on Youth Employ­ment? A General Equi­li­brium Approach
Stiassny, Alfred; Uhl, Chris­tina # 178.

Spatial inter­ac­tions in loca­tion deci­sions: Empi­rical evidence from a Baye­sian spatial probit model
Nikolic, Adriana; Weiss, Chris­toph # WP 177.

Can Macro­eco­no­mists Get Rich Fore­cas­ting Exch­ange Rates?
Costan­tini, Mauro; Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Hlous­kova, Jaros­lava # WP 176.

From Rome to Lisbon and Beyond: Member States' Power, Effi­ci­ency, and Propor­tio­na­lity in the EU Council of Minis­ters
Anton­akakis, Niko­laos; Badinger, Harald; Reuter, Wolf H. # WP 175.

Inter­ge­ne­ra­tional Educa­tional Persis­tence in Europe
Altzinger, Wilfried; Rumplmaier, Bern­hard; Schnee­baum, Alyssa # WP 174.

Fixed Effects and Random Effects Esti­ma­tion of Higher-Order Spatial
Auto­re­gres­sive Models with Spatial Auto­re­gres­sive and Hete­ro­s­ke­da­stic Distur­bances

Badinger, Harald; Egger, Peter # WP 173.
Corri­gendum zu WU Econo­mics Working Paper Nr. 173

Social Prefe­rences and Voting on Reform: An Expe­ri­mental Study
Paetzel, Fabian; Saus­gruber, Rupert; Traub, Stefan # WP 172.

An Incom­plete Markets Expla­na­tion to the UIP Puzzle
Rabitsch, Katrin # WP 171.

Educa­tion and the Tran­si­tion to Sustained Demo­cracy
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Ober­d­a­bernig, Doris A. # WP 170.

The dyna­mics of returns to educa­tion in Uganda: National and subna­tional trends
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Raggl, Anna # WP 169.

Evolu­tio­nary Stabi­lity of Indi­rect Recipro­city by Image Scoring
Berger, Ulrich; Grüne, Ansgar # WP 168.

Finan­cial Stress, Sover­eign Debt and Economic Activity in Indus­tria­lized Coun­tries: Evidence from Dynamic Thres­hold Regres­sions
Proaño, Chris­tian R.; Schoder, Chris­tian; Semmler, Willi # WP 167.

Dynamic Spill­overs of Oil Price Shocks and Policy Uncer­tainty

Anton­akakis, Niko­laos; Chat­zi­an­to­niou, Ioannis; Filis, George # WP 166.

Pros­pec­tive Ageing and Economic Growth in Europe
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Lábaj, Martin; Pružinský, Patrik # WP 165.

Regional inte­gra­tion, inter­na­tional libe­ra­li­sa­tion and the dyna­mics of indus­trial agglo­me­ra­tion
Commen­da­tore, Pasquale; Kubin, Ingrid; Petraglia, Carmelo; Sushko, Iryna # WP 164.

(In)equa­lity in Educa­tion and Economic Deve­lop­ment
Sauer, Petra; Zagler Martin # WP 163.

A Two Period Model with Port­folio Choice: Under­stan­ding Results from Diffe­rent Solu­tion Methods
Rabitsch, Katrin; Stepan­chuk, Serhiy # WP 162.

Stra­tegic signa­ling or emotional sanc­tio­ning? An expe­ri­mental study of ex post commu­ni­ca­tion in a repeated public goods game
Zylber­sz­tejn, Adam # WP 161.

An empi­rical assess­ment of Fair­trade: A perspec­tive for low- and midd­le-in­come coun­tries?
Nindl, Elisa­beth # WP 160.

Inter­na­tional Port­fo­lios: A Compa­rison of Solu­tion Methods
Rabitsch, Katrin; Stepan­chuk, Serhiy; Tsyren­nikov, Viktor # WP 159.


Model uncer­tainty in matrix expo­nen­tial spatial growth regres­sion models
Fischer, Manfred M.; Piri­bauer, Philipp # WP 158.

The gendered nature of intra-hou­se­hold deci­sion making in and across Europe
Mader, Katha­rina; Schnee­baum, Alyssa # WP 157.

Gender and Migra­tion Back­ground in Inter­ge­ne­ra­tional Educa­tional Mobi­lity
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Rumplmaier, Bern­hard; Altzinger, Wilfried # WP 156.

Academic Anti-­Se­mi­tism and the Austrian School: Vienna, 1918-1945
Klau­singer, Hans­joerg # WP 155.

Spacey Parents and Spacey Hosts in FDI
Badinger, Harald; Egger, Peter # WP 154.

Theo­re­tical vs. Empi­rical Power Indices: Do Prefe­rences Matter?
Badinger, Harald; Mühl­böck, Monika; Nindl, Elisa­beth; Reuter, Wolf Hein­rich # WP 153.

Projec­ting Long-­Term Primary Energy Consump­tion
Csere­klyei, Zsuz­s­anna; Humer, Stefan # WP 152.

Measu­ring the Impacts of Nuclear Acci­dents on Energy Policy
Csere­klyei, Zsuz­s­anna # WP 151.

Does the Welfare State Destroy the Family? Evidence from OECD Member Coun­tries
Halla, Martin; Lackner, Mario; Scharler, Johann # WP 150.

Does Custody Law Affect Family Beha­vior In and Out of Marriage?
Böheim, René; Fran­ces­coni, Marco; Halla, Martin # WP 149.

Inter­na­tional Compa­ri­sons of House­hold Saving Rates and Hidden Income
Walther, Herbert; Stiassny, Alfred # WP 148.


Model­ling Primary Energy Consump­tion under Model Uncer­tainty
Csere­klyei, Zsuz­s­anna; Humer, Stefan # WP 147.

Economic inte­gra­tion and agglo­me­ra­tion in a customs union in the presence of an outside region
Commen­da­tore, Pasquale; Kubin, Ingrid; Petraglia, Carmelo; Sushko, Iryna # WP 146.

Decom­po­sing wage discri­mi­na­tion in Germany and Austria with coun­ter­fac­tual densi­ties
Grandner, Thomas; Gstach, Dieter # WP 145.

Revi­siting the Effects of IMF Programs on Poverty and Inequa­lity
Ober­d­a­bernig, Doris Anita # WP 144.

Income conver­gence pros­pects in Europe: Asses­sing the role of human capital dyna­mics
Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Havettová, Miros­lava; Lábaj, Martin # WP 143.

The Great Synchro­niza­tion of Inter­na­tional Trade Collapse
Anton­akakis, Niko­laos # WP 142.

Output Vola­ti­lity, Economic Growth, and Cros­s-­Country Spill­overs: New Evidence for the G7 Coun­tries
Anton­akakis, Niko­laos; Badinger, Harald # WP 141.

Busi­ness Cycle Synchro­niza­tion During US Reces­sions Since the Begin­ning of the 1870's
Anton­akakis, Niko­laos # WP 140.

Globa­liza­tion, Inequa­lity, and Corrup­tion
Badinger, Harald; Nindl, Elisa­beth # WP 139.

After Two Decades of Inte­gra­tion: How Inter­de­pen­dent are Eastern Euro­pean Econo­mies and the Euro Area?
Prettner, Cathe­rine; Prettner, Klaus # WP 138.

Border Colli­sion Bifur­ca­tions in Boom and Bust Cycles
Kubin, Ingrid; Gardini, Laura # WP 137.

Cros­s-Border Mergers and Domestic Wages: Inte­gra­ting Posi­tive Spill­over Effects and Nega­tive Bargai­ning Effects
Clougherty, Joseph A.; Gugler, Klaus # WP 136.


From rags to riches? Inter­ge­ne­ra­tional trans­mis­sion of income in Europe
Schnetzer, Matthias and Altzinger, Wilfried # WP 135.


L. Albert Hahn's Economic Theory of Bank Credit
Hage­mann, Harald # WP 134.

Hete­ro­ge­neous produc­tivity in volun­tary public good provi­sion - an expe­ri­mental analysis
Fellner, Gerlinde, Iida, Yoshio, Kröger, Sabine and Seki, Erika # WP 133.

Agglo­me­ra­tion processes in aging socie­ties
Grafe­neder-Weissteiner, Theresa and Prettner, Klaus # WP 131.

Demo­gra­phic change, growth and agglo­me­ra­tion
Grafe­neder-Weissteiner, Theresa # WP 132.

The State of Wage Conver­gence in the Euro­pean Mone­tary Union
Rams­kogler, Paul # WP 130.


The finan­ce-do­mi­nated growth regime, distri­bu­tion, and aggre­gate demand in the US
Onaran, Özlem and Stock­hammer, Engel­bert and Grafl, Lucas # WP 126.

The finan­ce-do­mi­nated accu­mu­la­tion regime, income distri­bu­tion and the present crisis
Stock­hammer, Engel­bert # WP 127.

Banks, finan­cial markets, and inter­na­tional consump­tion risk sharing
Leibrecht, Markus and Scharler, Johann # WP 128.

Agglo­me­ra­tion and popu­la­tion aging in a two region model of exoge­nous growth
Grafe­neder-Weissteiner, Theresa and Prettner, Klaus # WP 125.

Posi­tio­ning Public Service Broad­cas­ting in a Compe­ti­tive TV Market. Small Country Programming Stra­te­gies based on a Wide-­Reach Genre
Fellner, Wolf­gang and Grisold, Andrea # WP 129.


Contras­ting the dynamic patterns of manu­fac­tu­ring and service FDI: Evidence from tran­si­tion econo­mies
Riedl, Aleksandra # WP 117.

Share­holder value orien­ta­tion, distri­bu­tion and growth - short- and medi­um­-run effects in a Kale­ckian model
Hein, Eckhard # WP 120.

The effect of import pene­tra­tion on labor market outcomes in Austrian manu­fac­tu­ring industry
Onaran, Özlem # WP 119.

Coope­ra­tion in local and global groups
Fellner, Gerlinde and Lünser, Gabriele K # WP 122.

Causes, conse­quences, and cures of myopic loss aver­sion - an expe­ri­mental inves­ti­ga­tion
Fellner, Gerlinde and Sutter, Matthias # WP 116.

Job quality and wages in duop­sony
Figerl, Jürgen and Grandner, Thomas # WP 121.

The effect of foreign affi­liate employ­ment on wages, employ­ment, and the wage share in Austria
Onaran, Özlem # WP 118.

Finan­cial uncer­tainty and busi­ness invest­ment
Stock­hammer, Engel­bert and Grafl, Lucas # WP 123.

Post Keyne­sian econo­mics - how to move forward
Stock­hammer, Engel­bert and Rams­kogler, Paul # WP 124.