ZWICKL Klara, Ph.D

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Rese­arch Area Leader, Post-Doc.

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Welt­han­dels­­platz 1/D5
1020 Vi­enna, Aus­tria

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  • En­vir­on­mental dis­par­it­ies by so­cioeco­nomic status

  • The dis­tri­bu­tion of in­come and work­ing time in an economy with bio­phys­ical lim­its

  • En­vir­on­mental policy

  • Ap­plied econo­met­rics

    Cur­rent Pro­jects

    • Wel­fare, Wealth and Work for Europe

    • Fin­an­cial­iz­a­tion, eco­nomic growth and bio­phys­ical lim­its

    • Inequal­ity, Be­ha­vi­oral Spillover Ef­fects, Work Hours, and House­hold Debt

    Re­cent Pub­lic­a­tions

    Peer­-re­viewed articles

    • Zwickl, K., Disslbacher, F., Stagl, S. (2015): Work-shar­ing for a sus­tain­able economy. In­sti­tute for Eco­lo­gical Eco­nom­ics, Eco­lo­gical Eco­nomic Pa­pers 4, epub.wu.ac.at  Ac­cep­ted for pub­lic­a­tion in: Eco­lo­gical Eco­nom­ics

    • Sturn, S. and Zwickl, K. (2014). A re­as­sess­ment of size and in­ter­me­di­ation ef­fects of fin­an­cial sys­tems. Polit­ical Economy Re­search In­sti­tute Work­ing Pa­per 369, Novem­ber 2014, www.peri.umass.edu Ac­cep­ted for pub­lic­a­tion in: Em­pir­ical Eco­nom­ics

    • Zwickl, K., Ash, M., Boyce, J. (2014). Re­gional vari­ation in en­vir­on­mental inequal­ity. An ana­lysis of in­dus­trial air tox­ics ex­pos­ure dis­par­it­ies by in­come, race and eth­ni­city in US cit­ies. In: Eco­lo­gical Eco­nom­ics, 107:494-509.

    • Özlem, O., Stock­ham­mer, E., Zwickl, K. (2013). FDI and do­mestic in­vest­ment in Ger- many: crowding in or out? In: In­ter­na­tional Re­view of Ap­plied Eco­nom­ics, 27(7):429-448.

    Work­ing Pa­pers/Un­der re­view

    • Zwickl, K. and Moser, M. (2014). In­formal en­vir­on­mental reg­u­la­tion of in­dus­trial air pol­lu­tion: Does neigh­bor­hood inequal­ity mat­ter? Polit­ical Economy Re­search In­sti­tute Work­ing Pa­per 370, Novem­ber 2014 www.peri.umass.edu

    • Boyce, J., Zwickl, K., Ash, M. (2014). Three meas­ures of en­vir­on­mental inequal­ity. In­sti­tute for New Eco­nomic Think­ing Work­ing Group on the Polit­ical Economy of Dis­tri­bu­tion Work­ing Pa­per 4, May 2014 ine­te­co­nom­ics.org

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