FOSTER Gillian, Dr.

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Gillian FOSTER
Gillian FOSTER

Research Associate, PostDoc

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Welthandelsplatz 1/D5/3rd floor
1020 Vienna, Austria

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CLIC Project Researcher – Circular Models Leveraging Investments in Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse (CLIC). The overarching goal of the CLIC trans-disciplinary research project is to identify evaluation tools to test, implement, validate and share innovative "circular" financing, business and governance models for systemic adaptive reuse of cultural heritage and landscape, demonstrating long lasting economic, cultural and environmental wealth.

Research Interest

  • Ecological Indicators for Circular Economy

  • Sustainable Circular Business Models

  • Biomass alternatives to industrial uses of fossil fuels

  • Policies for transition to low-carbon economy

  • Innovative teaching of economics using digital tools

  • Applied Econometrics & Socioeconomics

Current Projects

  • Circular Models Leveraging Investments in Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse (CLIC)

  • Analyzing climate impact of bio-based ethylene and plastics


Recent Publications

  • Foster, Gillian Joanne. 2019. Low-Carbon Futures for Bioethylene in the United States. Energies. 12 (10), 1958

  • Foster, Gillian Joanne, Stagl, Sigrid. 2018. Design, implementation, and evaluation of an inverted (flipped) classroom model economics for sustainable education course. Journal of Cleaner Production. 183 1323-1336.

  • Foster, Gillian Joanne. 2018. Ethylene Supply in a Fluid Context: Implications of Shale Gas and Climate Change. Energies. 11 (11)

  • Foster, Gillian Joanne, Stagl, Sigrid. 2016. Evaluating the first Inverted Classroom Model (ICM) economics course of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 21st European Economics Education Conference, Association of European Economics Education, FH Kufstein Tirol, Austria, 22.8 - 24.8. 

  • Foster, Gillian Joanne. 2014. An evolutionary economics view on sustainability. International Joseph Alois Schumpeter Society Conference 2014, Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena (University of Jena), Germany, 27.27-30.7.