Esther Görnemann, MA.

Project Related Rese­arch Asso­ciate

  • Insti­tute for Manage­ment Infor­ma­tion Systems

  • Tel: +43-1-31336-4445

  • E-mail: esther.goer­ne­mann [at] wu.ac.at

  • Office Hours: by e-mail appoint­ment


Short Biography

Esther Görne­mann joined the team at the Insti­tute for Manage­ment Infor­ma­tion Systems in August 2016 as a project related rese­arch asso­ciate for the EU – funded project Privacy&Us. She has a Master in Inter­na­tional Marke­ting and a Master in Busi­ness Manage­ment and user’s data sharing beha­vior, risk percep­tion and data mining methods have been a core focus of her Master­thesis. Prior to working at the Insti­tute for Manage­ment Infor­ma­tion Systems, Esther worked as Assis­tant Manager for KPMG in Finance and IT Advi­sory. Having worked for several compa­nies in the energy sector, she has 4 years profes­sional expe­ri­ence in Marke­ting, Online Marke­ting, Public Rela­tions and Sales.

List of publi­ca­tions (>> FIDES)

Rese­arch project

Her focus is rese­arch on psycho­logy of data ownership. More concre­tely, she tries to under­stand the psycho­lo­gical bonds of users to their personal data and analyses reac­tion patterns when control over personal data or ownership of personal data is lost. She is part of the rese­arch project Privacy&Us, an inno­va­tive trai­ning network that addresses both current and future chal­lenges in the area of privacy and usabi­lity. This project has received funding from the Euro­pean Union’s Horizon 2020 rese­arch and inno­va­tion programme. Privacy&Us brings toge­ther early-s­tage and senior rese­ar­chers with diffe­rent back­grounds, seven univer­si­ties, multiple Data Protec­tion Autho­ri­ties and compa­nies to form a strong inter­di­sc­pi­pli­nary team.