Ethical IT Inno­va­tion

A Valu­e-­Based System Design Approach

Ethics in IT Systems Deve­lop­ment: The Human Use of Machine Beings stands at the inter­sec­tion of computer science, philo­sophy and manage­ment and inte­grates theo­ries and frame­works from all three domains. This book discusses how ubiqui­tous compu­ting is rapidly chan­ging our private and profes­sional lives. It encou­rages students of computer ethics, IT profes­sio­nals, mana­gers and engi­neers to consider ethical ques­tions in the design of IT systems.

by Sarah Spie­ker­mann

Publisher: Apple Academic Press Inc.

Pages: 283

Language: English

On sale: December 10, 2015

Price: € 84,58

ISBN 978-1482226355

Networks of Control

A Report on Corpo­rate Surveil­lance, Digital Tracking, Big Data & Privacy

The collec­tion, analysis and utiliza­tion of digital infor­ma­tion based on our clicks, swipes, likes, purchases, move­ments, beha­viors and inte­rests have become part of ever­yday life. While indi­vi­duals become incre­a­singly trans­pa­rent, compa­nies take control of the recorded data in a non-­trans­pa­rent and unre­gu­lated way.

by Wolfie Christl and Sarah Spie­ker­mann

Publisher: Facultas, Vienna

Pages: 165

Language: English

On sale: September 29, 2016

Price: € 19

ISBN 978-3-7089-1473-2

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