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Johanna Tovar

Dr. Johanna Tovar

Dr. Johanna Tovar

Assistant Professor

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I completed      

  • a BA in Linguistics at King’s College London, University of London         

  • an MS.c. in Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Social Science London         

  • a Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics at King’s College London, University of London; the Centre for Language, Discourse and Communication        

  • a post-doc at City University Hong Kong.

Research Interests

My current research interests are

  • language policies in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

  • the role of language in the new economy

  • language commodification

  • standardization

  • call centers

  • multilingualism

  • transnational migration

  • workplace ethnographies and literacy

  • text trajectories

  • language learning in the workplace

  • audit culture(s) and surveillance

  • (nation) branding.