Bernadette Höfer-Knudby

Mag. Bernadette Höfer-Knudby, Ph.D.
Mag. Bernadette Höfer-Knudby, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

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Bernadette Höfer-Knudby holds a Masters in American Studies from the University of Mainz, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Transliteratures with a focus on French studies from Rutgers University, NJ, USA. From 2005-2008 she was elected as a Junior Fellow at the Society of Fellows at Harvard University. In 2008, she accepted a position as Assistant Professor of French at the Ohio State University. After moving to Vienna in 2010, Bernadette taught for the Departments of English and General Education at Webster University Vienna. In September 2017, Bernadette joined the Institute as a Senior lecturer. She currently teaches EBC 1 and the Master LV “Presenting in English.”

Research Interests

Bernadette has published extensively on the early modern period, in particular on the history of medicine, mind-body philosophy and on key seventeenth-century writers. Her current research interest focuses on early modern market societies, literature and market effects. She has published a book entitled Psychosomatic Disorders in Seventeenth-Century French Literature (Ashgate 2009).She is also the author of more than 20 articles and book chapters.