Current Thesis Topics

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WS 2021

1.Visualizing Open Data in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Supervisor: Hans Mitlöhner

2. Mining Event Attributes' Association Rules

Supervisor: Dina Bayomie

3. Using Wikibase for collaborative Knowledge Graph Development and Population

Supervisor: Axel Polleres, Bernhard Krabina.

4. Domain knowledge and process mining: how domain knowledge artifacts are being considered by process mining techniques?

Supervisor: Kate Revoredo

5. Collaborative Networks in Creative Industries: The Case of Tatort

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

6. Climate change and flood exposure in Austria

Supervisor:Johannes Wachs

7. Platform Outtages and Online Activity

Supervisor:Johannes Wachs

8. Measuring regional tech entrepreneurship

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

9. Analysing semantic inconsistency patterns of community-based KG

Supervisor: Nicolas Ferranti

10. The Influence of the Compound Coefficient on Error Patterns

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

11. The Influence of Neuron Models on Error Patterns

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

12. Knowledge Graph Embedding Applications in Manufacturing

Supervisor:Stefan Bachhofner

13. Investigating the Impact of Color Highlighting and Discriminability on Conceptual Model Comprehension (MA)

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

14. Ikurijo Nonaka‘s Impact Beyond Knowledge Management

Supervisor: Florian Kragulj

15. Employing the Organizational Phronesis Scale

Supervisor: Florian Kragulj

16. Literature Review: Methods of Inquiry into Organizational Aesthetics

Supervisor: Clemens Kerschbaum

17. Graph-based Database for Business Processes

Supervisor: Philipp Waibel

18. Monetization of Data

Supervisor: Axel Polleres

19. Analyzing class clusterization as an alternative to refinement of community-based KG

Supervisor: Nicolas Ferranti

20. Semantic representation in Industry 4.0

Supervisor: Elmar Kiesling

21.How do Named-entity recognition (NER) systems work?

Supervisor: Dawa Chang