Third Party Funded Projects

Later fertility in Europe: How far can childbearing be postponed without being forgone?

The team of LATEFERT works on the spread of late fertility in the low fertility countries and explores advantages and limits of childbearing postponement.

Project Leader: Eva Beaujouan


Funding Body: FWF Austrian Science Fund

FWF Project Number: P31171-G29

Time Frame: 01.01.2019-31.12.2021 

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Summer School "The Demography of Health and Education"

The purpose of the summer school was to acquaint 20 international students at the pre-doc level with the newest research on health and disability in the context of population ageing and familiarize them with the multi-dimensional methods for modelling population and human capital dynamics in a global perspective.

Project Leader: Wolfgang Lutz
Funding Body: City of Vienna, WWTF
Project Number: SSH16-12
Funding Body: Stadt Wien/Wien Kultur/WWTF
Project Number: SSH16-12
Time Frame: 01.03.2016-31.10.2016
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Reproductive Decision-making and Human Capital

This project aimed at investigating the dynamic between reproductive decision making and human capital.

Project Leader: Maria Rita Testa
Acronym: RECAP
Funding Body: FWF
Project Number: V318-Elise Richter Grant
Time Frame: 01.01.2014-30.06.2016
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ERC-Proof of Concept

This research project critically contributed to the creation of a market forecasting tool, which uses the underlying structure of the co-called Age-Period-Cohort model to produce predictions of the future consumption patterns of selected brands and product groups.

Project Leader: Wolfgang Lutz
Acronym: Future Markets
Funding Body: ERC-PoC
Project Number: ERC-2012-PoC 324617
Time Frame: 01.02.2013-31.01.2014