Cryptomonday#6: Token Economics Research

Cryptomonday#6 takes place on Thursday, 17. January, at 6 pm in LC Festsaal 1.This Cryptomonday is dedicated to Token Economics - the researchers from our Institute will give introduction to this emerging discipline and provide some useful insights in the economics of tokens.

On October 1st, the Cryptoeconomics Research Lab at our University started it's Token Engineering activities. This project is conducted in two parallel streams, a backwards-looking theoretical stream and a forward-looking practical implementation stream. The theoretical stream focuses on existing scientific papers and literature and investigates how solutions from other scientific disciplines can be applied to explain cryptoeconomic mechanisms. The practical stream focuses on current projects and best-practices in the crypto-space and invites the community to contribute to the identification and definition of standards in ecosystem design.

To provide a fruitful environment for discussions a monthly token engineering meetup is organized. The first two events took place on November 13th and December 11th 2018. The first meetings showed that a core group of enthusiastic and competent participants with various backgrounds is highly motivated and interested in contribution to the creation of this new scientific field. The positive feedback encouraged us to continue our work and schedule subsequent meetups beginning from January next year.

Our plan for our 2019’s meetups is to define a framework for token ecosystem design. Cryptographic Token are a new application of the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). With smart contracts it became very easy to create tokens and sell them on the market, however most of these new cryptocurrencies do not have a proper token ecosystem design. Most current projects lack clearly defined and implemented functionalities. The field of Token Engineering aims to provide a framework for the design and implementation of token ecosystems. This is done by combining scientific research in the fields of mathematics, engineering, economics and social and political studies with best-practices analysis of existing projects

The dates of the next meetups can be found here. The agenda of the next event is discussed in this telegram channel and afterwards set by Krzysztof Paruch, the head of the Token Engineering project, to satisfy the interests of all participants. You are welcome to suggest a topic that you want to present or discuss, we will help you to align it with our general agenda. Scientific questions can be submitted here, interesting projects can be submitted here and research material such as papers, books or articles can be submitted here.

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