Claudio Biscaro PhD


Tel.: +43 1 313 36 - 44 25

Sprech­stunde: nach Verein­ba­rung

Claudio Biscaro is an Assis­tant Professor/Postdoc at WU Vienna in the Insti­tute of Change Manage­ment and Manage­ment Deve­lop­ment, before that he worked at the Johannes Kepler Univer­sity in Linz, Austria and Ca’ Foscari Univer­sity, Venice, Italy, where he also completed his Ph.D.

His main fields of rese­arch are

  • know­ledge crea­tion in orga­niza­t­ions

  • percep­tion and mana­ge­rial cogni­tion

  • network dyna­mics

Claudio Biscaro mainly rese­ar­ches topics in know­ledge manage­ment in orga­niza­tion, with emphases on coor­di­na­tion prac­tices of multi­di­sci­pli­nary teams. He focuses on how arti­facts and language faci­li­tate the exch­ange between diverse indi­vi­duals, the inte­gra­tion of their know­ledge and guide their work without relying on deep know­ledge exch­ange.

His rese­arch adopts both methods of quali­ta­tive analysis such as parti­ci­pa­tory obser­va­tions, docu­ment analysis and inter­views, and of quan­ti­ta­tive analysis such as social network analysis and text mining tech­ni­ques.