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English C1 Proficiency test

The Proficiency test certifies your level of English on level C1. Written exam and oral exam take place on the same day. Results and certificate are available within 10 days of the exam date.

The C1 Proficiency test certifies your English skills on level C1. It consists of 4 modules:

Moduletime (mins)
Reading/Use of English25

The successful candidate will be able to understand and produce texts from a great variety of situations and topics including familiar, unfamiliar, and also abstract ones.

Consists of two audio deliveries that will generally reflect the pace of natural speech. You will be able to listen to both twice with adequate time to work on the tasks.

Reading/Use of English
Consists of two texts with a variety of tasks, usually a multiple choice task for a longer text and a filling-in task for the shorter text.

Consists of one short and one longer writing task. All texts should be appropriately structured: Introduction, body, conclusion. Please remember the function of paragraphs.There is a lot of information on the format of writing tasks -essays, reports, articles, blog posts, …- online; here are a couple of links you may find useful for preparation: Essay writing Text formats

Consists of three short speaking tasks. You will talk about present circumstances, past experiences, future plans, present points on your own at length, initiate and answer questions, express and justify opinions, explain and give reasons, speculate and talk about hypothetical things, keep up the interaction while observing the modalities of turn-taking, develop topics and negotiate towards an outcome. Here a couple of links to give you an idea of what this paper might be like:
CAE Speaking Test, BEC Speaking Test

Aktuelle Termine

Bis auf weiteres keine Termine. Ab Mai 2024 wird dieses Zertifikat voraussichtlich duch den Oxford Test of English Advanced ersetzt.