WU Online Papers

The Depart­ment of Foreign Language Busi­ness Commu­ni­ca­tion seeks to increase the profile of its rese­arch in three parti­cular areas of inte­rest by means of an elec­tronic publi­ca­tion. The WU Online Papers in Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Commu­ni­ca­tion emerged from the WU's elec­tronic publi­ca­tion forum ePub and comprise three series which corre­spond to the focus areas of the Depart­ment.

In spite of the term "Working Papers" used by ePub, the WU Online Papers in Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Commu­ni­ca­tion are to be unders­tood as finished arti­cles and NOT as work in progress.

The aim of our Online Papers is to offer quick, easy and full text access to high-qua­lity academic cont­ri­bu­tions.

Papers that are published in the WU Online Papers in Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Commu­ni­ca­tion may of course be published elsew­here.

Series Two: Busi­ness and Economic Termi­no­logy

Paper 1: Gerhard Edel­mann: Inter­na­tional Accoun­ting Stan­dards and Changes in Accoun­ting Termi­no­logy

Submit­ting a Paper


  • Papers may only be submitted by WU-re­lated persons, part­ners from the depart­mental rese­arch network, as well as lecturers at events orga­nised by the depart­ment.

  • The topic of the paper must corre­spond to one of the three series.

  • Papers must be strictly academic, finished arti­cles (not a "work in progress"). The recom­mended length is a max. of 8000 words.

  • The papers must be in English and, in special cases, in the language of the intended audi­ence.

  • The papers are to be formatted accor­ding to the check­list. Please use the template in MS Word format!


Papers which fulfill the afore­men­tioned requi­re­ments can be submitted to Elisa­beth Peters (Mana­ging Editor). Please send the paper in an MS Word format (as per the template) to elisa­beth.peter­s@wu.ac.at. Submitted papers will then be forwarded to the series editors, who will conduct an anony­mous peer review.