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Publi­ka­tionen 6 und 7 des Projekts RESL.eu – Redu­cing Early School Leaving in Europe veröf­fent­licht

RESL.eu Publi­ca­tion 6 - Finding inspi­ring prac­tices on how to prevent ESL and school disen­ga­ge­ment.

Lessons from the educa­tional trajec­to­ries of youth at risk from nine EU coun­tries The results of both the quali­ta­tive and quan­ti­ta­tive rese­arch conducted within the RESL.eu rese­arch project show that what puts a youngster at risk of early school leaving is not a single factor but the accu­mu­la­tion or a series of various risk factors. Our inves­ti­ga­tions of the deter­mi­nants of ESL were guided by the notions of: school (dis)enga­ge­ment and educa­tional trajec­tory. School disen­ga­ge­ment was inves­ti­gated from two comple­men­tary perspec­tives: synchronic (focu­sing on the compo­n­ents of disen­ga­ge­ment and levels of disen­ga­ge­ments) and diachronic (trying to capture its evolu­tion in time). We combined the outcomes of previous analyses within the RESL.eu project with the addi­tional primary data analyses leading to the deve­lop­ment of a typo­logy of educa­tional trajec­to­ries’ and we illus­trated the results with the example stories of youth.

Publi­ca­tion 6


Publi­ca­tion 7 - Theo­re­tical and metho­do­lo­gical conside­ra­tions when studying early school leaving in Europe

In the initial phase of the RESL.eu project, we deve­l­oped a theo­re­tical and metho­do­lo­gical frame­work for the rese­arch project (see project paper 2, Clycq, Nouwen & Timmerman, 2014). In this publi­ca­tion, we revised our initial theo­re­tical and metho­do­lo­gical frame­work after doing five years of rese­arch on early school leaving and evalua­ting inter­ven­tion, preven­tion and compen­sa­tion measures to tackle early school leaving (see over­view publi­ca­tions and project papers of the RESL.eu project). We discuss how our findings can be situated amongst the exis­ting lite­ra­ture addres­sing this issue of social repro­duc­tion in educa­tional attain­ment, in parti­cular its rela­tion to the processes of school disen­ga­ge­ment and early school leaving. Based on the findings of the RESL.eu project, we formu­late some direc­tions for future rese­arch. 

Publi­ca­tion 7

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