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Publikationen 6 und 7 des Projekts RESL.eu – Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe veröffentlicht

RESL.eu Publication 6 - Finding inspiring practices on how to prevent ESL and school disengagement.

Lessons from the educational trajectories of youth at risk from nine EU countries The results of both the qualitative and quantitative research conducted within the RESL.eu research project show that what puts a youngster at risk of early school leaving is not a single factor but the accumulation or a series of various risk factors. Our investigations of the determinants of ESL were guided by the notions of: school (dis)engagement and educational trajectory. School disengagement was investigated from two complementary perspectives: synchronic (focusing on the components of disengagement and levels of disengagements) and diachronic (trying to capture its evolution in time). We combined the outcomes of previous analyses within the RESL.eu project with the additional primary data analyses leading to the development of a typology of educational trajectories’ and we illustrated the results with the example stories of youth.

Publication 6


Publication 7 - Theoretical and methodological considerations when studying early school leaving in Europe

In the initial phase of the RESL.eu project, we developed a theoretical and methodological framework for the research project (see project paper 2, Clycq, Nouwen & Timmerman, 2014). In this publication, we revised our initial theoretical and methodological framework after doing five years of research on early school leaving and evaluating intervention, prevention and compensation measures to tackle early school leaving (see overview publications and project papers of the RESL.eu project). We discuss how our findings can be situated amongst the existing literature addressing this issue of social reproduction in educational attainment, in particular its relation to the processes of school disengagement and early school leaving. Based on the findings of the RESL.eu project, we formulate some directions for future research. 

Publication 7

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