Thomas Grandner
  • Labor Econo­mics and Indus­trial Orga­ni­sa­tion
  • Wage Discri­mi­na­tion
  • Trade Unions
  • Collec­tive Bargai­ning
René Böheim
  • Labour Econo­mics
  • Indus­trial Rela­tions
  • Family Econo­mics
  • Applied Micro­eco­no­mics
Hans­jörg Klau­singer
  • History of (Recent) Economic Thought
  • Austrian Econo­mics
Maria Marchenko
  • Mikro­ö­ko­n­omie
  • Soziale Netz­werke
  • Bildungs­ö­ko­n­omie
  • Kultu­r­ö­ko­n­omie
Julia Schmieder
  • Mikro­ö­ko­n­o­me­trie
  • Arbeits­an­gebot von Haus­halten & Sozi­al­ver­si­che­rung
  • Migra­tion
Herbert Walther
  • Labor Econo­mics (Theory and Policy) Unem­ploy­ment, Employ­ment Poli­cies,  Discri­mi­na­tion and Anti-­Dis­cri­mi­na­tion Poli­cies, Econo­mics of Orga­niza­tion and Manage­ment, Working Time and Regu­la­tions of Working Time, Redun­dancy Payments, Human Capital;
  • Public Finance Taxa­tion and Employ­ment, Tax Evasion, Fiscal Theory and Policy;
  • Deci­sion Theory Non-­Ex­pected Utility, Deci­sion Making Under Uncer­tainty, Gambling and Insurance;
Andrea Weber
  • Arbeits­markt­ö­ko­n­omik
  • Sozi­al­ver­si­che­rungs­sys­teme
  • Geschlech­ter­dif­fe­renzen am Arbeits­markt
  • Ange­wandte Mikro­öono­me­trie