Online Application

The online application period for the academic year 2016/17 begins on November 1, 2015 (14:00, CET) and ends on February 15, 2016 (23:59, CET). Only applications submitted within this period can be accepted.

Please note the following:

  • All information provided in the online application form must be correct and complete. If you want to make any corrections, please contact
  • Do not submit the form more than once. If we receive two or more application forms from the same person, we will not consider any of the submitted forms.
  • For all correspondence with you we will use the email address you provided for logging on to the online application tool. Please make sure your mailbox is set up correctly and check your email regularly.
  • Applicants who are finishing their master's program after the deadline expires but before June 2016 are welcome to apply as well.

Please provide the following information using the online application tool:

Personal data
Academic background
Language skills in English
  • Other proof of your English language skills
  • Research papers, seminar papers, diploma, master or bachelor thesis, other publications you have written
Two reference letters
  • For a complete application at least two reference letters have to be provided. Using the online application tool, specify only the contact details (name and email address) of the individuals willing to provide reference letters.
  • Reference letters must be sent to before the end of the application period by the individuals providing the references.
Information about your research area
  • Your preferences for one or more of DIBT's research areas
  • Funding: For DIBT Collegiates tuition fees are waived. A grant from the Austrian Science Fund in the amount of  € 1996,90 per month (tax and social insurance will be deducted from this amount) can be offered to a limited number of students. Are there other possibilities for you to raise funds for your stay in Austria? Which grants have you applied for and which other financial resources can you draw on?
Uploads Please upload the following documents in PDF format:
  • degree certificates
  • detailed official transcripts of all courses
  • proof of English skills (TOEFL)
  • curriculum vitae
  • self-statement of purpose
  • copy of passport
  • outline for doctoral thesis or for one of the doctoral thesis papers
  • completed papers
Please note that all the documents and data specified in the list above must be provided. Any missing information will result in rejection of the application. Sole responsibility for correct and complete submission of the application rests with the applicant.

Documents submitted in a language other than German or English must be accompanied by a certified translation. The German or English translations must be done by a certified, court-approved translator officially recognized by the document-issuing country.

Upon request, you must be able to provide us with all original documents within one week.

If there are any remaining questions, please contact

Online Application Tool
(available only during the application period)

Further information: