In winter semester 2006/2007, WU adapted to the post-Bologna study architecture of bachelor, master and doctoral/PhD programs. All of WU's degree programs are designed as full-time study programs. If you choose to study part time at WU, you will need considerably longer to complete your degree, because due to budgetary restrictions, only a limited number of (evening) courses are available for working students. Austria's universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) offer a larger selection of part-time programs for working students.

Bachelor Programs

Both bachelor programs at WU require six semesters to complete and consist of a total of 180 ECTS credits. The introductory phase is the same for both programs and lasts two semesters.

Master Programs

In the coming years, WU will be introducing a number of different master degree programs. Master programs build upon bachelor programs, i.e. the prerequisite for admission to a master program is the successful completion of a bachelor or diploma program in a relevant discipline. Graduates of a master program are in turn entitled to pursue a doctoral or PhD program.

WU's master degree programs are usually four semesters long (120 ECTS credits), except for the program in Business Education, which takes five semesters (150 ECTS credits).

German-Language Master ProgramsEnglish-Language Master Programs



Doctoral / PhD Programs

To enroll in a doctoral or PhD program, students must have completed a master or diploma degree program. The doctoral and PhD programs are intended to further develop independent research skills and to train and promote young scientists. Before completion of the doctoral program, students must write a research report in the form of a doctoral thesis.