Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Willkommen am E&I Institut

Mission Statement

The driving force behind a company formation and the innovation process is the entrepreneurial act.  These dynamic activities are, from a single-economies point of view of great importance. New ideas by emerging companies can be implemented very effectively but also existing companies are challenged to rediscover their worth through innovation to ensure being competitive internationally.

The goal of our teaching is to present the students with first-class knowledge in the areas entrepreneurship and innovation.  We orientate ourselves towards leading international universities and business schools.  
In our course we convey theories, methods and scientific findings. We do not however stop at knowledge communication but shape the student’s entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting with real innovation and founding- projects.

With their entrepreneurial profile these students are qualified for a number of career options, the most obvious being establishing ones own business. But also the acquisition of an existent company, the job of an innovations manager, the assistant to the executive or a role in a venture-capital-company or consulting is a possible career move.   

In our research we work on open problems of the entrepreneurship and innovation areas. Due to the dynamics and the candidness of the goals in the corporate process, the challenges in this field are demanding - nevertheless there are principles and patterns which are recognisable. Our scientific approach is defined by real theoretics. This means that we turn our attention to problems with general relevance, which we structure in respect to their economical and behavioural science theories and verify the reality empirical. We publish the results of our research in international science journals and therefore these are accessible to corporate praxis.      

In teaching and science we work hand in hand with the practice but also with national and international science institutions.