Department of Economics

Deputy Department Chair

Univ.Prof. Rupert Sausgruber Univ.Prof. Rupert Sausgruber

Mission statement

The Department of Economics at WU is one of the largest in the German-speaking world: Some 30 habilitated scholars are active in teaching and research, and a further 20 are pursuing habilitation or a PhD degree.

The Department is currently divided into 9 Institutes, each concentrating on a different research area. (Departmentstructure)

This wide variety of subject areas (for details, see the homepages of the individual Institutes or the WU research database FIDES) requires an equally wide variety of research and teaching methods. Quantitative mathematical methods and models - depending on the problem at hand - are applied as tools for economic analysis, as are qualitative epistemological methods.

WU graduates from the Department of Economics find positions with employers like the Austrian Chamber of Labor, the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), Statistics Austria, the Federal Ministry of Finance, as well as in the private sector. Many leading personalities in Austrian business and society are WU graduates.

Graduates of the Bachelor's Program with an Economics major and of the Master's Program in Economics can expect to find positions in similar professional fields.