Univ.Prof.Dr. Herbert Walther

Forschungsinteressen (Themenauswahl):

(1) Labor Economics (Theory and Policy)

Unemployment,  Employment Policies,  Discrimination and

Anti-Discrimination Policies, Economics of Organization and Management,

Working Time and Regulations of Working Time, Redundancy Payments,

Human Capital

(2) Public Finance

Taxation and Employment, Tax Evasion, Fiscal Theory and Policy

(3)  Decision Theory

Non-Expected Utility, Decision Making Under Uncertainty,

Gambling and Insurance

a.o.Univ.Prof.Dr. Thomas Grandner


Labor Economics and Industrial Organisation,

Imperfect Markets and Employment,  Trade Unions, 

Collective Bargaining

a.o.Univ.Prof.Dr. Hansjörg Klausinger


History of (Recent) Economic Thought, Austrian Economics
Florian Schoiswohl, M.Sc.


Labor economics, Labor Market Institutions,

Regional Unemployment

Mag. Michael Wüger


Imperfect Labor Markets and Labor Market Institutions

Economic Shocks and (Un)employment Dynamics

The Reallocation of Labor